At Grey Stem Properties, we genuinely take pride in our homes and tenants. As such, we require that all tenants meet our pre-established rental standards. This allows us to provide homes to our tenants that have been well cared for, and that are typically found to be of above average quality.

Our required standards for qualifying to rent a home are:

  • All properties are offered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability or familial status.
  • Each adult occupant must submit a separate application.
  • We limit the number of occupants to 2 per bedroom.
  • Your gross monthly income must equal 2.5 times or more the monthly rent.
  • You must have a favorable credit history.
  • You must be employed and/or be able to furnish acceptable proof of the required income.
  • You must have good housekeeping, payment, and maintenance references from all previous Landlords.
  • Any and all other stipulations will be outlined in lease agreement.